MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror" (strong reflecting)

MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror"
in different colours

MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror" has a strong reflecting metallic surface.
As a result, it creates an impressive eye catching effect.

Standard grades of MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror"

Size 1000x700mm, Thickness 0,300mm, Weight 270g/m²
Size 1000x700mm, Thickness 0,420mm, Weight 370g/m²

Metallized area: 995x695mm

Customer-specific solutions

Other formats, thicknesses, colours, surfaces, embossed patterns,
converted into self-adhesive material (MetalSticker) and lots more are possible.

We would be pleased to receive your request!


01 Gold (01/HGM)
02 Silver (02/HGM)
03 Cherry Red (03/HGM)
04 Pacific Blue (04/HGM)
05 Rose Pink (05/HGM)
06 Violet Purple (06/HGM)
07 Mint Green (07/HGM)

Comparison: MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror Silver" (right)
vs. conventional silver film lamination (left)

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MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror" has no minimum order
and has a short delivery time.

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