MetalPaper "Standard Economy"

MetalPaper "Standard Economy"

MetalPaper "Standard Economy" is the economic alternative to MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirrow".

It shows a reflective, metallic surface. However, the sharpness of the reflected image is not as high as with our premium product "High Gloss Mirrow". Nevertheless, many applications do not require this outstanding characteristic, especially when larger areas get overprint anyway. 

Standard grades of MetalPaper "Standard Economy"

Size 1000x700mm, Thickness 0,300mm, Weight 270g/m²
Size 1000x700mm, Thickness 0,420mm, Weight 370g/m²

Metallized area: 995x695mm

Customer-specific solutions

Other formats, thicknesses, colours, surfaces, embossed patterns, 
converted into self-adhesive material (MetalSticker) and lots more are possible.

We would be pleased to receive your request!


01 Gold (01/STD)
02 Silver (02/STD)

Comparison: MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror Silver" (right)
vs. MetalPaper "Standard Economy" (left)

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MetalPaper "Standard Economy" has no minimum order
and has a short delivery time.