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How is MetalPaper made?

MetalPaper is a brand new sandwich structure material made of a fibrous card or board, which is laminated with a very highly reflective metallised polyester film. The laminated surface of the card / board is the very smoothest of cast coated surfaces. The metallised polyester film, which constitutes the top layer, is perfectly metalized and glass clear.
The result is the highly reflective MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror" surface.

Coloured MetalPaper is coloured within the sandwich. Consequently the upper surface used for printing is very robust and scratch resistant. "Satin" and some of the other special effects are produced by applying an additional lamination layer over a base "High Gloss Mirror" product.

The MetalPaper product we have today is a result of years of development by our expert team. All component parts of MetalPaper are sourced from European manufactures. As a direct consequence of this development and the materials used, today's MetalPaper has a much smoother finish and consistently delivers a much higher level of reflection than any conventionally metalized card or board.

Comparison: MetalPaper "High Gloss Mirror Silver" (right)
vs. MetalPaper "Standard Economy" (left)

Can I print onto MetalPaper?

Yes, printing onto the metallic side is possible by the means of

  • Screen printing (solvent and UV)
  • UV - offset printing
  • Conventional offset printing with foil-inks (limited, only practicable for small runs)
  • Some digital printers (UV-Inkjet)

The reverse side of MetalPaper consists of a smooth white paper which is uncoated. It enables a quality print and is suitable for the inner pages of book covers, brochures etc. Printing onto the reverse side of MetalPaper can be done with conventional offset inks or with any of the above mentioned techniques. With MetalPaper varieties such as Satin, Soft Touch and Surface Textures the actual printing can be done before the surface finish is applied (by us) if required. In some instantances this is highly recommendable. Please contact us for further consultation.

Can I use decorative print finishing with MetalPaper?

Yes, the classical decorative print finishing of both sides of MetalPaper is possible. For instance by the means of:

  • Hot foil stamping
  • UV-varnish and UV-spot-varnish
  • Film lamination
  • Embossing or Debossing

Can I traditionally mechanically convert MetalPaper?

Yes, all standard converting methods like die cutting, creasing, book binding are possible.
Folder gluing usually requires equipment capable of handling plastics.

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